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Event Overview

The 3nd Annual Electric Vehicles Asia event to be held in Hong Kong is designed to bring together key players from leading auto-manufactures, battery manufacturers together with government regulators, to discuss the industry and strategies on how and to capitalize on new and emerging business opportunities in particular the cost and performance issues associated with Electric Vehicle batteries together with the latest developments in Electric Vehicle charging and infrastructure.

“Alternative technologies such as hydraulic hybrid drive, ultracapacitors, and flywheel energy storage continue development and testing in niche applications, but it seems that the battery-electric solution will be the
recipient of the majority of the production investment during the forecast period.”

The event will analyse the latest developments in technologies, and integration advances capable of providing increased energy density, power, range and longevity for the battery and address the importance of developing uniform global standards for Electric Vehicle batteries. In addition the latest developments in Electric Vehicle charging and infrastructure will also be addressed.

What’s New for 2012?
  • Case studies highlighting new supplier and partner relationships between battery manufacturers and auto manufacturers key to driving down cost and increasing performance of electric vehicle batteries
  • Analysing advances in material  and cell manufacturing to deliver increased quality and performance
  • Regional government research updates & commercial opportunities in next generation battery technology developments: Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Assessing the benefits of standardization across the electric vehicle chain
  • Special focus workshops:
  • Pre-Conference Workshop:  Capitalising on Electric Vehicle Connectivity
  • Post-Conference Workshop: Evaluating Future Technologies for Next Generation Electric Vehicles

To view the full programme agenda, click here.

Key speakers this year include:
Chan Eng Kiat
Project Director, Intelligent Energy Systems ,
Energy Market Authority, Singapore
Dr Lawrence Poon
Head, Automotive & Electronics Division,
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Albert Lam
Chairman & CEO, Detroit Electric
Ridzuan Md Yusof,
Head of Advanced Research,
Jong-Ku Yoon
Director, International Standards Cooperation Division,

Korean Agency for Technology & Standards
Glenn Austin Green
Business Development Manager,
GP Batteries

To see the full speaker line-up this year, go to speakers.

Why You Must Attend This Year’s Event
  • EVALUATE the latest supplier and partner relationships in Asia driving down costs and increasing Electric Vehicle battery performance
  • EXAMINE the latest in integration to cost effectively improve cells and modules in battery packs
  • ASSESS the benefits of developing and implementing standards across the Electric Vehicle chain
  • IDENTIFY strategies to overcome the challenges of Electric Vehicle battery cost, density and performance as barriers to mass commercialization of Electric Vehicles in Asia
  • REVIEW next generation battery technology to ensure cost effective developments in battery density, power, range and life
  • ENHANCE battery life and performance through an analysis of thermal management systems
  • ANALYSE the latest technological developments in Battery Management Systems to ensure effective battery protection


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